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Consumer Goods and Retail


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From textiles to appliances, furniture, food and electronics, our complete range of services facilitates the quality, compliance, and safety of consumer products across global supply chains. We ensure that no important detail has been overlooked in the journey of your product from concept to market.

Consumer goods and retail: We can help you ensure that both your supply chain and the products you buy and sell are up to standard.

Quality expectations and the range of safety requirements that you must achieve become more complex every day. To help you meet these requirements, our consumer goods and retail experts offer a complete range of services to manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers of consumer products. Our services include laboratory testing, product inspection and consulting, process assessment and technical assistance.

We help you to reduce risk, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with contractual or regulatory requirements throughout your supply chain. We provide you with a broad and detailed understanding of consumer goods and retailing to help you build a stronger and more resilient business with the potential to grow and surpass your competition.

Our services are available globally for consumer products, such as food, textiles, footwear, toys, hardware, housewares, formulated products, electrical and electronic goods and automotive products.

Besides conforming to legal requirements and industry standards, we can help you meet a number of challenges, including:

  • Growth in unethical manufacturing as the supply chain tries to reduce costs
  • Increased consumer focus on quality and safety
  • Environmental challenges stemming from the increased manufacturing of new consumer goods, such as the increase in energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission and consumer goods waste

With a reputation for excellence in inspection, testing, certification and verification, we can also offer you consultancy and cross-business services to improve sustainability across your organization and supply chain.

Our consumer goods and retail services include:

  • Testing & Certification: We conduct a full range of product testing from material testing, such as safety and functionality tests, to certification. Our aim is to ensure your products are as good at protecting consumers and meeting their expectations as you claim
  • Inspection: We provide production checks before, during and after production, as well as retail store checks to verify the quality of your raw materials and production, marking and packaging, and product presentation
  • Technical assistance: We support you with projects incorporating social responsibility solutions, factory quality assessment and food safety and health assessment. Additionally we act as a regulatory advisory service, providing training and private label support

Consumer goods really are part of everyone’s daily life. Customers expect to buy products that are healthy and safe. Our customized testing, inspection, audit, certification and consultancy services, delivered through our local, accredited laboratories and certification units, ensure you understand the standards applicable to your products and comply with mandatory requirements. More importantly, we can help you gain a competitive edge and develop products, processes and supply chains that deliver consumer goods that really are as good as you say they are. Contact us to find out more.

Compulsory and Voluntary Product Certification in Brazil (accredited by CGCRE - General Coordination for INMETRO Certification)

In Brazil, SGS operates as an accredited certification body for CGCRE (General Coordination for INMETRO Certification) for several consumer goods products under compulsory certification.

Below are the products under compulsory certification in Brazil and their related ordinances:

  • School articles, Ordinance 481
  • Water purifiers (Ordinance 93
  • Automotive batteries, Ordinance 299/2012)
  • Fountains, Ordinance 191
  • Cradles, Ordinance 269
  • Toys, Ordinance 321
  • High chairs, Ordinance 51
  • Baby strollers, Ordinance 351
  • RoHS certification
  • Mattresses, Ordinance 79
  • Auto parts, Ordinances 301 and 445
  • Household appliances, Ordinance 371
  • Medical devices, Ordinance 350
  • Commercial electric ovens, Ordinance 400
  • Gas ovens and stoves, Ordinance 446
  • Microwave ovens, Ordinance 174
  • Metalic fans, Ordinance 419
  • Automotive wheels, Ordinances 445/2010 and 362/2011
  • Noise Labeling, Ordinance 105
  • Information Technology, Ordinance 170
  • Fans, Ordinance 20 
  • Automotive glasses, Ordinance 156/2009 and 157/2009

Contact us and find out how SGS can help you to demonstrate compliance and to ensure rapid commercialization of your product.

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