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SIEF and Third Party Representation

SGS’s global network of SIEF support services experts will work with you to ensure your preparedness for REACH.

The pre-registration process is complete, manufacturers and importers are requested to enter the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) to share relevant and available data among all potential REACH registrants of the same phase-in substance.

This Forum aims to allow you to:

  • React to requests from other participants
  • Provide other participants with 'proof of cost' and give access to existing studies upon request
  • Request missing information from other SIEF participants
  • Agree on cost-sharing mechanisms
  • Receive financial compensation for data shared
  • Collectively identify a need for further studies
  • Make arrangements to perform any studies identified
  • Agree on classification and labeling
  • Agree on the appointment of the lead registrant
  • Agree on the selection of studies to be included in the joint submission
  • Submit joint registration
  • Gain access to the Joint Submission dossier and token (after payment)

To help you build your support network and provide technical guidance on registration, ensuring your organization is best prepared for REACH, our SIEF support services experts are on hand and offer you two specific services:

  • Complex Inventory
  • Third party representation

Preparing your entry in SIEF with the complex inventory

SIEF preparation involves collecting the data required for submission to the European Chemicals Agency and identifying gaps to ensure that any decisions made in the forum are done so on the basis of sound information. SGS can assist with the process of preparing for entry into the SIEF through the complex inventory thanks to the help of our dedicated team of consultants and experts.

Third party representative

According to REACH, any manufacturer, importer or downstream user may, whilst retaining full responsibility for complying with his obligations under REACH, appoint a third-party representative for all of the proceedings listed above. SGS can assist you by acting as your third-party representative thanks to our consultants’ knowledge on the regulation and involvement in the REACH regulation.

Find out more about SGS’s SIEF support services.

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