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Understanding NR Standards in Brazil

Understanding NR standards in Brazil from SGS – learn how each NR standard applies to your business.

Regulatory standards from Brazil’s Labor and Employment Ministry (MTE) establish mandatory requirements concerning health and safety at work, applying to all companies in all sectors. Non-compliance or improper implementation can generate high costs, production interruptions, inspection agency sanctions, and risk of accidents or serious illness to your employees. Our course helps you to understand how each regulation applies to your business.

Why choose understanding NR standards in Brazil?

Our 16-hour course can help you to:

  • Learn about Brazilian standards NR 1 to NR 33
  • Understand how to comply with mandatory health and safety requirements
  • Learn through explanations, workshops, discussions and case studies

Trusted training for understanding NR standards from Brazil’s leading course provider 

As a leading training provider and quality management systems certification body all over the world, we offer you extensive expertise and experience in training for NR standards

No previous knowledge or training related to NR standards is necessary. Training certificates will only be issued to participants who attend a minimum of 80% of the training sessions

To find out more about our understanding NR standards course, contact us today.

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