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Flexitanks offer an agile and cost effective approach to transporting and storing oils, liquid and dry non-hazardous cargoes.

Oil Rig

Cheaper and lighter than traditional tanks and drums, flexitanks are single-use, require no cleaning, no send back of empties, and eliminate quality loss risk. They are also recyclable and compliant with major health and safety regulations. Quick to use and easy to set up, they can be used to optimize shipments, saving you money and increasing liquidity because you will have less cash tied up in the supply chain.

What Is A Flexitank?

Used globally to transport more than 60 commodities a flexitank is a single or multi-layered bladder, made of polyethylene. It holds up to 24,000 liters and fits into a standard 20ft ocean freight container. They tolerate temperatures from -20 C to +80C can be heated for viscous liquids, or refrigerated for temperature sensitive cargos, are single-use and disposable.

What Are The Benefits Of Flexitanks?

  • Immediate implementation: Flexitank stocks are always available, meaning no waiting for the arrival of empty tanks
  • Cost savings: Flexitanks mean no need to pay rental and tank relocation fees. Importers can order exactly the quantities that they need, and save money on stock maintenance. For exporters, there are savings to be made on sea freight, demurrage administrating and cleaning costs
  • Ease of operations: On-site teams issue all the shipping documents on behalf of the client and prepare drafts for those that must be issued elsewhere. All the client needs to do is check and print them
  • Assurance: Flexitank installations and quality control procedures are handled by SGS with product/cargo verification by SGS at any point when required. All installations are insured and cargoes covered for 110% of cargo value
  • Convenience: Loading can take place at any of 1,800 locations. You can supply or buy to/from clients all over the globe, and secure co-operation with emerging markets. Flexitanks also offer easier operations handling and can be used for permanent or temporary storage

Flexitank Applications for Oil and Gas

The main products transported and stored for the oil and gas industry include:

  • Oils: mineral, base, white, transformer, marine
  • Lubricants and their additives
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Biodiesel
  • Transmission fluid
  • Glycols and glycerin

Quick to use and easy to set up, flexitanks can be used to optimize shipments, saving you money and increasing liquidity because you will have less cash tied up in the supply chain

SGS is working in collaboration with BeFlexi, a leading flexitank solution provider, to provide global bulk transport and storage solutions. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit.