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Customized food service solutions from SGS – tailored services to help you comply with local regulations for quality and food safety in Brazil.

FSMA food safety

Changes in people’s lifestyles in the last few decades have enhanced the demand for differentiated food services. Today, consumers want more than just competitive price. That is why your food services must focus on quality, taste, nutrition, technology and convenience. Whether you are a restaurant, catering company, fast food brand, supermarket or convenience store, we can help. We offer full solutions, with dedicated laboratories and professionals, developing and customizing services to comply with local regulations for quality and food safety, including laboratory testing, auditing and inspection services.

Why choose our customized solutions for the food service sector in Brazil?

Our services will help your organization to:

  • Ensure the required hygiene standards are met to prevent the transmission of contaminants, ensuring quality and food safety according to current local regulations
  • Develop and monitor your supply chain, storage and distribution systems
  • Enhance the qualifications of your food professionals

Trusted food sector services from the leading provider of customized solutions in Brazil.

As a leading provider of customized solutions for the food service industry, we offer a wide portfolio of laboratories and professionals, with a reputation for expertise and results. That is why we are the first choice for organizations across the industry that require tailored services to meet their needs. Our customized solutions fit your exact requirements, enabling you to demonstrate compliance with Brazilian food legislation.

Our solutions are designed by combining services according to the needs of your food service, and can include:

  • Microbiological tests for hands, environment, food and water
  • Physical and chemical tests for food and water
  • Sample collection for microbiological tests
  • Initial technical audits
  • Technical and consultancy services for the management of hygiene and sanitary control
  • Production and implementation of the Good Handling Practices manual
  • Process monitoring
  • Development, evaluation and qualification of your supply chain
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) production
  • Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) implementation

To discuss your requirements and find out how our customized solutions for the food sector can help you, contact us today.