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SGS has been in Brazil since 1938. Our employees, in major cities and ports around the country, work to generate trust among people, organizations, institutions and governments.

Octane and Cetane test engines

Our Santos, laboratory has full capabilities for Gasoline and Gas Oil Testing, meeting every national agency (ANP) regulation requirements and we are pleased to announce that this now includes fully operational Octane & Cetane Test Engines for:

  • Motor Octane Number (MON), ASTM D2700
  • Research Octane Number (RON), ASTM D2699
  • Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil, ASTM D613


The cetane number is a measure of how readily the fuel starts to burn (autoignites) under diesel engine conditions. A fuel with a high cetane number starts to burn shortly after it is injected into the cylinder; therefore, it has a short ignition delay period. Conversely, a fuel with a low cetane number resists autoignition and has a longer ignition delay period.


The octane number is a measure of a gasoline’s antiknock performance, which is its ability to resist knocking as it burns in the combustion chamber.

There are two test methods to measure the octane number of a gasoline: the research octane number (RON) and the motor octane number (MON). The RON of a given gasoline is always greater than its MON, and the difference between the two numbers indicates the sensitivity of a gasoline to changing operating conditions.


Typically provide minimum RON and/or MON requirements. In some countries such as the United States (U.S.) and Mexico, gasoline is labeled with its antiknock index (AKI), also called the octane index. The AKI is calculated with the formula: (RON+MON)/2. It is an approximation of the road octane number of gasoline, which is another measure of a gasoline’s antiknock performance and is measured using an actual vehicle.


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