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The Brazilian hemp plantation industry lives one of its better moments. The exportations of sugar and alcohol had grown 65.9% in 2006, when compared with 2005. The data are of the Union of the Industry of Sugar cane of Sugar (Unica) e, according to entity, the sector answered for 5,7% of the total registered for the Brazilian trade balance, being the eighth bigger prescription of the exportations, totalizing US$ 7.771 billion. The estimate is that, this year, external sales of the product grows 150% more than, arriving the two billion liters.
With the exportations of the alcohol in high, the demand for certifications of the product – mainly combustible free from water - grew about 40% in the year passed in relation the 2005. The information is of the SGS of Brazil, world-wide leader company in certifications, tests and inspections. The destination countries had been U.S.A., Europe and the Caribbean. Japan recently also designated that it has the intention to add up to 3% of alcohol to its gasoline. To conquer markets with so rigorous controls of quality, the certification of the fuel if becomes basic requirement for the advance of the negotiations.
The certification of the alcohol is an important tool of the companies for the entrance in the world-wide market. For being an independent auditorship, it understands the supervision of the transference of safekeeping of the alcohol, as much in the quality as in the amount in impartial way in all the stages process, says the Director to it of the SGS of Brazil, Carlos Boiseaux. As much for the exporter how much to the importer, the certification in accordance with starts to be a security when offering all the necessary controls and documents the customs legislators and bank guarantees, explains.
The SGS of Brazil is part of the Deliberative body of IETHA (International Ethanol Trade Association), entity created in October passed in Brazil, consisting of 39 members, also members of other countries, with the objective to organize producers, tradings, refineries and deliverers of oil, representative users of the combustible alcohol and of companies in some countries. Some work groups already had been constituted, as one that has intention to establish a contract standard for alcohol exportation in base FOB Pumped In, including internationally recognized suggestions of arbitration; other specialized in the creation of specifications of some types of combustible, industrial alcohol, such as, drinks and others. It has still one third group, dedicated to establish a contract freightage base (charter-party).
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