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The first inspection post for the Certification of Used Vehicles in Brazil – a partnership between SGS with Santander Bank and Carbizz (a Portuguese capital company, from the same group as Unidas, which promotes only vehicle sales events) was inaugurated on May 10, 2014. The event was held at Carbizz, where the post was built, and was attended by directors and managers from the 3 companies, notably Daniel Bassoli Campos – SGS Automotive Service, Leandro Ferrari - Carbizz and Gustavo Campos - Santander.

This is an unprecedented initiative in the Brazilian market, both with regards to the implementation of a complete vehicle inspection structure on the premises of a client, and the nature of the services, which will provide total transparency in business relations of the used vehicle. This means advantages for the seller, who can have better earnings, and for the buyer, who will know more about the mechanical and esthetic state of the vehicle, as well as indications of any costs for repairs.

The SGS process is based on nationally and internationally recognized technical inspection standards and procedures, brought together to offer a complete solution to portray the current status of the vehicle. The main certification phases are:

  • Verification of the vehicular identification items: to guarantee the integrity of the original manufacturer’s identification, checking for signs of alterations.
  • Mechanics: mechanized brake, suspension, convergence headlight and gaps in axles and joint tests, using the latest equipment.
  • Body and chassis: verification of the integrity of the structure and signs of repair.
  • Interior finish: verification of the state of the finishes.
  • General state of conservation: valorization of all damages that might devalue the vehicle, using market recognized repair software.
  • Emissions: gas emissions tests (Otto cycle), opacity (diesel vehicles) and exhaust noise, guaranteeing good operation of the engine.

Carbizz finances vehicles together with banks, fleet owners and insurance companies, preparing them for inspection. SGS performs this process independently and rigorously, guaranteeing that preparation of the vehicle and any repairs done by Carbizz will result in excellent quality automobiles. The action is in accordance with Carbizz’s growth strategy, offering services that add convenience to greater profitability for their customers. Because, for Carbizz, selling cars is serious.

The institutional partnership with Santander, which will guarantee significant volumes of vehicles for certification, shows its goal of promoting innovation actions for the company, offering services that generate value for its customers.


We only use the best inspection and audit services to certify vehicles. With a global presence, our specialists understand the culture of the local market and operate globally, reliably and efficiently.

With more than 130 years of experience, we understand the challenges that our customers face.

SGS is a global leader in inspection, verification and certification. Recognized as a global benchmark of quality and integrity, we have more than 80,000 employees and we operate a network of more than 1,650 offices and laboratories throughout the world.    

SGS has been present in Brazil since 1938 and has more than 30 offices, 20 laboratories and workshops in the country’s major cities and ports, where more than 3,500 employees work.  

To learn more, contact us: and t.: 11 3883-8800 - Daniel Bassoli Campos - Automotive Services.