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Statistical process control – Controle Estatístico do Processo (CEP) – training from SGS: learn the latest CEP statistical process control techniques in-line with the latest edition of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) manual.

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CEP is a statistical process tool that helps ensure quality control, stability and continuous improvement in automotive industry production processes in Brazil. Our CEP training gives you up-to-date knowledge on the latest edition of the AIAG manual.

Why choose CEP statistical process control training from SGS?

Our course can help you:

  • Understand the second edition of the AIAG CEP Manual and the main changes to service and application within ISO TS 16949:2009, such as in audit situations
  • Improve the ability of internal auditors to perform quality internal statistical audits
  • Learn key techniques and concepts, including process controls, the graphic lighthouse, special cards for small batches and the terms and definitions used 
  • Recognize the requirements of ISO TS 16949:2009 (items and

CEP statistical process control training from the SGS Academy, one of Brazil’s leading training providers.

As a leading provider of training in Brazil, we offer extensive expertise and experience in CEP statistical process control training.

Our 16-hour course is conducted over 2 days and includes:

  • An overview of the CEP Handbook
  • Measurement of variables – notions of accuracy and precision
  • Sampling – histogram and frequency distribution
  • Spread measures – mean, range and standard deviation
  • What is CEP statistical process control?
  • Cause of change
  • CEP for attributes
  • The Importance of PPM and CPK control
  • Defining where and how to deploy CEP
  • Determination and correction of special causes
  • Calculation of capacity and capacity potential
  • Calculations for unilateral studies 
  • A workshop to apply CEP concepts

Certificates will be issued to participants who attend at least 80% of the training.

To learn more about statistical process control CEP training, contact us today