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Effective implementation training for the Method for Analysis and Solution of Problems (MASP) from SGS – understand the latest problem solving techniques and understand how to implement and continuously improve MASP in your organization.

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Effective problem solving is an essential skill for your organization. This training will show you how to implement MASP effectively, using a structured and systematic method for developing an improvement process through the latest problem solving techniques.

Why choose effective implementation training for MASP from SGS?

Our training will help you:

  • Understand the 8D problem solving methodology, focused on decision making
  • Recognize the main improvement tools and techniques to solve problems
  • Discover the most likely causes of problems and propose solutions
  • Analyze problems and major non-conformities more effectively
  • Test and implement proposed corrective and preventive actions
  • Check the effectiveness of actions implemented

Trusted MASP training from Brazil’s leading course provider

As a leading training provider in Brazil, we offer you extensive expertise and experience in training for your Method for Analysis and Solution of Problems program.

Our 16-hour training course (conducted over two days) includes:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • The eight steps for troubleshooting
  • Tools for identifying problems, collecting and analyzing data, such as the pareto, histograms, the cause and effect diagram, brainstorming and the prioritization matrix of causes
  • Planning corrective actions
  • Identifying potential problems for deploying solutions
  • Methods for checking effectiveness
  • Flowchart of the 8D problem solving methodology

Training certificates will only be issued to participants who attend a minimum of 80% of the training sessions.

To find out more about our effective implementation training for MASP, contact us today.