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With technology and capacity to supply products with international quality, the Total Alimentos was the first Brazilian company to win the Global Pets Awards 2007. The awarding will happen during the Pet Food Forum, in Copenhagen, the Denmark, day 18 of January.
Indicated for the readers and potentials reading of the magazine Pets International as the company with bigger affinity to the subject of the Pet Food Forum 2007, the Total Alimentos  was successful in the category Producing. “We will present Total Alimentos S.A. and its capacity to supply products in marks of third, with international quality, without restrictions, to all the countries of the European Union, Asia and Americas”, said president Antonio Teixeira de Miranda.
The Total Alimentos is the first Brazilian company of the segment to get three certifications of quality: ISO 9001, GMP/BPF (Good Practical of Manufacture Codex Alimentarius) and HACCP, with international recognition, for the division of Pet Food and Snacks, for the international company of certification SGS, being able to export to all the countries of the Europe, Asia, United States, among others. Vehicle: Site: Agro Link - Section: The news